Collecting- A Broad Term For the Past

Collecting- A broad term for the past

A broad term for the artifacts of the past, surrounding yourself with a bit of nostalgia.  Coin operated machines became one (and I have many) of my passions.   Upon my first encounter with a Loose Change Shown, oxymoron, from the start, purchasing these coin operated machines is far from loose change.  What they meant was it only took the pennies, yes I said pennies, nickels and dimes for these machines to operate.

The Coke machines I feature in the ad are a prime example, 10 cents for a coke.  That was a long time ago.  The vendor junior was the rotary machine.  You put in your dime, opened the lid and pulled out a bottle.   I have the original purchase receipt which it was first sold in 1954 in a frame, with a sales price of around $54.00.  The model 44 is a sweet little number that drops the bottle down. Small, it fits anywhere and was a fun addition to any room; I used to have it in my dining room.   These machines were fully operational when I purchased them and we enjoyed many years of fun with them in the dining room/family room.  The kids and their friends loved them when they came over.  Not a money making proposition.

Where do you get the coke in bottles?  Over the years they use to sell them in the stores, or the stores would order them for you.  The good old coke in the bottles was always the best.  You can find the coke that comes out of Mexico now, but those bottles are too big for these machines.

Next time I will talk about my other coin operated machines and that will be my three slot machines.  Have you ever seen the QT Sweetheart 25 cent machine, the QT Penny machine or the vest pocket slot machine, the 10 cent owl was very common and normal size.

These shows filled huge rooms at fairgrounds and went on forever so the amount and types of machines was astounding.  Some of the best times I have had was walking through these shows.  You know how that goes, oh I remember this when I was a kid, or my parent had one of these.  And of course the question always was, WHERE IS IT NOW AND I WISH I HAD IT!  We took a lot for granted as kids.    Till next time…… Jo Ann


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